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In 6 days of the mini-course we:


Analyze world-famous galleries, museums and festivals


Understand what “rules of the game” exist in the art scene: from ethics to criticism


Decide on pricing: how not to understate and not to overstate prices for your work


Deal with the main mediums, your message and ideas


Outline the ways of development of any artist


Discuss the main documents that are necessary for galleries

Do you want to sell works for 20 000 euros?

Learn how to build your own strategy on our free mini-course.

For whom will it be useful?

Beginning Artists

If you only dream of the first exhibition – walking through the galleries and do not understand why paintings by other authors are hanging here, and yours are gathering dust in the workshop, and no one sees them.

Experienced artists

If you have already had the experience of exhibitions, but there is no system and understanding of what to do next, and you cannot forget the feeling of euphoria and attention from the audience, curators and media from past exhibitions.

Designers and illustrators

If you are from another field and want to enter the art environment, switch from custom-made works to an independent creative process and increase the cost of your work.


Education: RMA Business Academy, art management , gallery business and conflictology (social psychology)

Work experience: Phillips Auction House, gallery 11.12, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod and the work of the artists as a manager.

7 great courses on art history, art market and psychology.

Personal consulting of more than 200 authors

Maria Sedoshenko

Art manager, curator and art critic

Course program

Day 1

Introductory lesson

  • How the course is structured
  • What topics will we analyze
  • What are the main steps an artist can take to sell his works for 20 thousand

Day 2

Orient yourself in space

  • The main stereotypes in the art environment
  • Reputable sites
  • Regional galleries and festivals
  • Rules of the game in the art market

Lesson №1 /1 hour

Day 3

Understand how prices are formed in the art market

  • Pricing in the art environment
  • The myth of the poor artist
  • How not to underestimate and not to inflate the prices of your work
  • What you need to do to increase the prices of your work
  • Ability to analyze sites

Lesson №2 /1 hour

Day 4

Decide on the medium and the message

  • How to find your medium and Message

Lesson №3 /1 hour

Day 5

Create an artist’s development strategy

  • What are possible ways of development for an artist
  • Institutional and media ways of development
  • At what stage is it time to submit documents to the gallery
  • The myth of the artist as the basis of positioning in the expert environment

Lesson №4 /1 hour

Day 6

Make a package of documents

  • What documents do the artist need and why is it important
  • Portfolio
  • CV
  • Bio
  • Artist Statement

Lesson №5 /1 hour

Feedback from our students

What they say about us

I join what has been said! Thank you very much! If it wasn’t for this course, I don’t know how much more I would have left my comfort zone! However, yesterday in class, it was during the analysis of my work that the connection was broken and I will relisten to everything, – the pleasure continues (thanks to retrograde Mercury). I listened to everyone else in one breath! The course fully met my expectations and far exceeded them!! And it seems that such a leap has happened this month! You see how people grow right on the course and you can see it all in the projects! They are all well done and it is so interesting to go through this training with you!

Maria K.

A very comprehensive approach, in which a great idea develops. During which step by step I find myself. Valuable live lectures. The professional team of the course is fully involved in the work and is always ready to help. An additional chat program gives you the opportunity to form your own statement. An intense rhythm in accordance with which he lives and into which the teacher plunges. The most valuable experience that allows you to test yourself and see your strengths and weaknesses.

Ann T.

Thanks for this programme! Of course it was useful! I recently fell into despair because I am superficial and incompetent, and everyone around me is so ideological and gifted, and the only thing that brought me back to reality is that there is a record of our consultation that can be reviewed and remembered that I have a lot of deep thoughts and ideas. So interviewing makes you think, and you help turn the thought in the right direction, I was (and still am) very inspired after the consultation, even insomnia began as a result of the continuous flow of thoughts and ideas, I’m so glad!

Mark S.

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