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About us

About us

Here you can learn a new profession or gain new skills. Our programs are focused on practice, we monitor the relevance of the material and help with employment and internships.

Up-to-date knowledge from experts for beginners and practitioners

Practicing teachers

They teach students to solve real business problems and find a common language with customers.

Skills in demand

Design, programming, marketing, multimedia, games, management and business.

Online lessons with feedback

Students study in a comfortable mode, communicate with teachers and consult with curators on assignments.

Full-fledged programs

We develop the most detailed training programs possible

Educational platform

Our own development with unlimited possibilities

Career advancement

Thanks to the experience of practical assignments and the knowledge gained

Who are we?

We train modern professions and skills that are in demand on the market.

We help everyone discover new opportunities in themselves thanks to the high-quality study of the methodology of educational programs together with teachers – experts and, first of all, practitioners from their field.


Our Mission

Our mission is a qualitative change for each of our students: from the development of a new program to a change of profession. In our programs, we strive to keep interest until the very last lesson.


Our Features

Our programs are about results. And this is thanks to practical tasks, feedback and teachers who clearly, without water and excitingly convey to our students the most necessary skills and knowledge.

Having formed a portfolio, I feel that I am already far advanced in the specialty I am studying and will achieve success!

Felix A.

The format of the lectures is very informative, fascinating, and the duration is optimal, so that you don’t get tired of the new knowledge.

Eva T.

It was possible to study a huge amount of information! I’m still analyzing, getting into what’s what. Glad there was no unnecessary information at all, all to the point.

Thomas M.

Frequently asked Questions


What is the format of the training?
The course takes place in an online format. Every week you watch video lessons and do your homework. There are two phases to check the assignments:

feedback is given by your personal mentor/teacher/expert
as well as fellow students checking each other’s work

Will it be possible to combine training with my main study/work?
It’s totally up to you. You can always work with the course materials at your convenience, moving through the program at your own pace. On average, our students study three to five hours a week. We are aware of our students’ workload, so all homework deadlines are convenient and comfortable. But it is highly recommended to comply with them – it will help you to successfully pass the training.

But if the situation arises that you need to postpone taking a course, that’s okay, we can offer to postpone the start of your classes from your training to another course stream that is convenient for you.

How can I pay for the course?
We offer several payment options:

  • Payment by card.
  • Installment payment. We offer interest free installments. Details of the installment plan should be clarified with the support manager.
  • Payment from a legal entity. If you work for a company, check with your employer about the possibility of paying tuition from the company.

Employers often care about your development and are willing to absorb these costs. To do this, you need to prepare and send us the details of the company, so that we set up an invoice.

Who can I consult with during the course? In what format does this take place?
Our team of coordinators is on call all business hours, so students’ questions don’t go unnoticed. Homework is checked by tutors every week. Depending on the assignment, the feedback can be in writing or in the form of webinars, which will be a detailed analysis with recommendations.

If you have a question related to training or further development, you can always contact the coordinator and mentor on Slack or in person.

How do you help with employment?
One of the main goals of our course is your future employment. A whole block of classes will be devoted to how to properly compose a resume and where to look for suitable vacancies, with the opportunity to consult with our HR-specialists.

Upon successful completion of training, we issue a certificate to graduates, which will also be an additional argument for finding a job.


Contact us

We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Please contact us in a way that is convenient for you or through the feedback form on this page.


1212 34 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
T2G 1V7

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Learning is in our hearts

The Onstudy team helps you learn new skills and professions from any location in the world.

All of our students take classes of interest with tests and quizzes that provide practical opportunities to apply what they learn in their future jobs. For us it is a factor that we are moving in the right direction!