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Something you were looking for!

Quality online learning

Here you can learn a new profession, gain new skills, or both. Our programs are focused on practice, we monitor daily our courses to keep them up to date

Over 10 programs

Up-to-date courses for career growth, business development and getting a new profession

Copywriter from 0 to Pro


Period of 1 month

Mentor support

I want to be in an art environment!


Period of 2 months

24/7 Support

Advertising specialist in Telegram Ads from scratch


Period of 1 month

24/7 Support

About us

We have grown from a small company that was engaged in developing IT solutions and online advertising for small business clients and large corporations
One day, a new employee joined our team, who took a course from a famous blogger, but down the road it turned out that she had no practical and theoretical knowledge
It was that day when we decided to make the best product, which we will be proud of, with the highest level of training

How does the training go?


Take classes in your personal account


Do your homework and tests


Complete all the lessons and form a portfolio

Sharpen your professional skills with in-depth training

Applied learning

Apply what you’ve learned by completing tests at a comfortable pace and hands-on projects. Get feedback on your work from other students around the World.


Mentor support

We always got your back, one click away In your personal account, there is an online chat with our employees, where you can ask your questions and get quick responses.

What awaits you

Learn by doing

Practice and apply knowledge right away We have created a comfortable environment so you always have the motivation to move forward.



Choosing a profession?

Contact us and we will advise you

Convenient format


Selecting with a manager

Free master classes

Follow our activities and news and stay up to date

Clear program

Clear instructions

Live Communication

Documents that will confirm qualifications

For your resume.

Demonstrate your new skills by showing your certificate of completion to others. Electronic or physical certificate after passing the final test of the training program or issuing a diploma.


Student results

87% of people who study for professional development report career benefits such as a promotion, a raise in salary, or a new position


For business

We have the solution: world-class training and development programs designed by leading educators and companies. All of this is available on OnStudy for Business.

We are rapidly growing and expanding every month



Practice tests

Professional educators


These are the best of the best. We work only with those who were able to be fully realized in their field and achieve the highest results. Separately, it is worth noting that all teachers have high quality portfolios and teaching experience.

All settlement systems

Pay online

For the convenience of our customers we have prepared all systems of payment through popular services. Ask the manager which option is right for you.

Payment in a convenient way for individuals. persons

Interest-free installments

Prepayment and Postpayment

Accounts for legal entities

Having formed a portfolio, I feel that I am already far advanced in the specialty I am studying and will achieve success!

Felix A.

The format of the lectures is very informative, fascinating, and the duration is optimal, so that you don’t get tired of the new knowledge.

Eva T.

It was possible to study a huge amount of information! I’m still analyzing, getting into what’s what. Glad there was no unnecessary information at all, all to the point.

Thomas M.

1212 34 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2G 1V7


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